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What is balance? It is an equilibrium, a steadiness, a calm. It is the power to decide an outcome by throwing one's strength, influence, or support to one side or the other.

Physically, balance is a number of systems working together. Strength and a sense of space combine to find equilibrium. Mentally, balance is good judgment holding in equilibrium the myriad aspects of our lives. Spiritually, balance is finding an equilibrium in faith, the unknown, your sense of place, and connection to people, the world and the universe.

People today tend to be blocked and out of balance, which is reflected in poor health, emotional trauma, and stress. We have been conditioned to operate at a fraction of our true potential. 

Lauren sees that we must find physical balance, mental balance, and spiritual balance and we must learn to balance each of these with one another in order to find joy, heal pain, and gain a deeper understanding of who we are. Lauren’s mastery of balance helps you heal spirit and body with massage, yoga, and acupuncture and to find an equilibrium in yourself.