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Press Kit for
Art Installation

The Wheel of Fortune project and installation is an interactive divination tool inspired by a circle of women and created by Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland of Livinlarge Photo.


Wheel of Fortune features the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each image is created through multiple exposure film and digital images. Each image is featured in a special edition mini-deck, which comes with a booklet with a description of the meaning of each card. For the installation, these images were blown up and placed on a circle comprised of 22 doors with an elaborate gazebo and fire chandelier made from salvaged materials, powered by a solar array that was custom designed from re-purposed materials. This installation received a 2014 Burning Man Honorarium grant.

Wheel of Fortune

There is a wheel in the desert, unlike any other. This wheel contains YOUR fortune, YOUR future, YOUR fate… Revealed to you in a way that you have never experienced before... Self-truth. Universal Connection. Resonance.


This is where the hero's journey begins.


Be brave, hero. Your destiny awaits. Which door will YOU choose? Or which will choose you?

Artist’s Statement
The Philosophy

We are all traversing this desert of wonders, wandering a life that has delivered each of us to this very point in the dust. Our paths have led us here, to a magnificent circle of 22 doors – each having their own unique character.


How curious…  What IS this? What do I do now? What IS now?


A glow from within and the sounds of music and laughter beckon to you. These wonders intrigue this weary traveler, whose Silk Road journey has thus far been an elusive quest for meaning…. Until now.


Which door will have me? Instinctually, you know. The right door draws you in.  You have finally found it – or has it found you? It bears a unique life-sized image with a likeness of a figure – ancient yet familiar beauty with starlit eyes, knowing wisdom in her waxing smile. In choosing a door, you have chosen your own fortune, your destiny.  


Or has it chosen me?

The Installation

Wheel of Fortune was born from researching the history, symbolism, and deep meaning of the tarot. It is an interactive art installation representing the 22 major arcana of the tarot, the heart of the tarot deck. Each of these cards symbolizes the universal aspect of the human experience.


Anne Staveley and Jill Sutherland of Livinlarge Photo have built a 26 foot circular structure made of 22 salvaged doors. Each door displays a large-scale photo mural representing each major arcana card. The solar-powered installation, made of salvaged and reclaimed materials, acts as a large compass, a place for personal reflection, card readings, high teas, and insight. There is a custom central seating area with a spinning light underneath a glorious gazebo and a hand-made metal fire chandelier.


The project started by consulting with oracles and card readers and dove into the mystery and meaning of the Hero’s Journey. This led us to the inspiration of creating this structure, and thus starting on a journey of our own!

The Images

Driving this project are the images. Featuring the process of creating multiple exposure digital and film photographs, producing ghost images with intentional imagery, locations, elements, and symbolism to each card.


The images can be shown in a variety of ways separate to the installation, such as large fabric, hanging prints or traditional prints. The next phase of the project will include completing images for each of the 78 cards in the tarot and creating a deck of cards and a handbook with the creative and individual statements for each and explanation on how to use the cards in readings.


Each of the unique models for the Wheel of Fortune Tarot are close personal friends of the photographers and were intentionally chosen to embody the spirit of their specific card and by doing so brought their personal interpretation and energy to the shoot. 


The language to describe each card has been carefully crafted in a new and enriched way, telling the story of the tarot in the modern world while tapping into ancient wisdom.


In addition to consulting with an experienced oracle who has worked with the tarot for 2 decades, the artists have done extensive research on ancient and modern versions of the tarot, incorporating and expanding on the ideas different decks have put forth. 

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The Artists

Each card has a brief affirmation and a detailed description of its meaning which will be compiled into a booklet with a deck of cards.

Installation Time-lapse Videos

Livinglarge Facebook Page

Wheel of Fortune Photostreams

Livinlarge Photo

Livinlarge Photo is a collaboration of two female artists who create surreal images on a massive scale. We are Believers in the Power of Images to start Conversations of Change. 


We create large street art murals and multimedia installations from our photography. Most recently we have received an Honorarium Grant for the internationally acclaimed 2014 Burning Man Festival to create WHEEL OF FORTUNE!


Anne Staveley is a portrait photographer whose distinct dynamic style explodes in vibrant color or classic black and white. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Staveley has established a business based on personal connection, vision and passion, and a crack sense of humor. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Staveley sees herself as a storyteller with a camera, looking for that one telling image—a wrinkled brow, tear starting to form, open-mouthed laugh—that needs to be captured in time and place forever. Simply put, Staveley dreams in photos. She’s ready to grab her camera and create a portrait for you that captures much more than just surface.


Los Angeles based photographer, Jill Sutherland captures images with a focus and vision that is all her own. Steadily inspired by her artistic community she coaxes her subjects on intuitive expeditions and extracts authentic inner beauty. Privately trained with leaders in the digital & film revolution and employing her own magical instincts, Jill creates stunning portraits.


Photographs, large scale murals and mixed-media art pieces have been featured in Ojai, San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Fe.