Strategic Planning

solidify your goals
get organized
refine your message

You can't achieve success without clearly defined, measurable goals. They allow you to focus and they provide a way to hold yourself accountable. Most businesses have poorly developed or unrealistic goals and plans. And that can do more harm than having no goals at all.

I help you create smart goals that align with what you want in all aspects of your life. Then I develop an initial simple strategic plan. This takes into consideration your resources (time, support staff, budget) and includes objectives, goals, actionable steps, and timeline. 

Creative Problem Solving
If you need to:

* Start something new / Start over

* Refine what you have

* Prevent or overcome hardship

* Solve a problem​

Deer Heart can provide:

* Tangible support & guidance

* Creativity & logic

* Curiosity & love of learning

* Fresh ideas born from experience 

* New, thoughtful objective opinions


* A different yet understanding perspective

* New approaches & opportunities 

 * Breaking down roadblocks 

* Support through your struggles

Goals & Strategy
If you need​ to:

* Transform vague ideas into solid goals 

* Review & refine existing goals

* Maintain focus & set deadlines

* Write a business plan or pitch

Deer Heart can provide:

* Well-defined goals & action steps

* Ideas for overcoming obstacles

* Suggestions on when to

review & revise your plan 

Think About

* What inspired you?

* What motivates you?

* Where do you want to be?

* What are you willing to do to get there?

Research & Analysis
If you need to

* Streamline or add a system 

* Find data to back what you do

* Make profiles of customers & competition

* Get out of a financial bind

Deer Heart can provide:

* New info, methods & examples

* Knowledgeable analysis of your data

* Comparisons of existing options

* Ideas to create something that meets your specific needs


* Budget ​Formats

* Statistics & Research for Grants

* Segment Your Customer Base

* Internal Communications Systems


Do you want a strong foundation for your business?

Do you want to make progress towards measurable goals?


Do you have questions about how this might work for you? 

Do you have ideas you want to run by someone? 




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