solidify your goals
get organized
refine your message

The heart of marketing is the concept and the language to describe it. Marketing requires more than just stating the need and describing your services. It's about creatively connecting with a diverse audience.


You have great ideas. Now, flesh out the marketing concept and develop thoughtful, well-written , and compelling copy. This will make your business memorable. I will tell your story in a clear, informative, and compelling way that will help people connect with you. That message will be shared using the platforms that suit you, your industry, and the audience you want to reach. 

Writing Copy
If you need:

* Mission & Vision

* Website, Newsletters, Social Media

* Press releases & Ads

* Grants Writing

* Profiles, Interviews, Articles, Blog Posts

Deer Heart can:

* Listen to you & learn what you want

* Make an impact

* Inspire action

* Deliver supported facts

* Connect & resonate with your audience


* Slogans & Taglines

* Web Content & Social Media

* Letters, Articles, & Biographies

* Promotions or Educational

* Humorous, Conversational, or Academic

* In line with Mission, Vision, & Values

Branding & Marketing
If you need​ to:

* Update your image

* Match your image to your values

* Find consistency

* Reach more people

* Promote events or new products 

Deer Heart can:

* Develop visual concepts

* Create graphics

* Art direction for web or

print visual content

* Create Advertising & Social Media Campaigns

Professional Partners:

* Photographers

* Graphic Designers

* Website Developers


If you need to

* Get new customers

* Improve client retention

* Form partnerships

* Hire great staff

Deer Heart can:

* Make your business memorable...

in the right way

* Segment your customer lists

* Improve vendor relations

* Create strategic partnerships & alliances


* Streamline how & how often you communicate

* Adjust messaging to suit different audiences

* Personalize in meaningful ways

* Authentically express gratitude 

& creatively show appreciation

* Ask for advice & feedback

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room."

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon


Do you want build your base of customers?

Do you need consistent messages that match your mission?

Do you want what people remember about to be positive?

Do you have questions about how this might work for you? 

Do you have ideas you want to run by someone? 




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