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Sendin Bajrić

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It can be difficult to find the right fit in a bookkeeper, and I've never been able to pinpoint the reason why. Until I met Sendin Bajrić, who showed me immediately what excellence in the field truly looks like.

But it wasn't Sendin's chemistry background that stood out the most. It was the way he introduced his bookkeeping services with the phrase "From setting goals to achieving them, one step at a time." And he delivers a clear, consistent, and sincere message to his clients, that he sees this as a relationship founded on trust.  

And this was all just the first impressions! Since then, I've worked directly with Sendin, and can attest to him being quick, efficient, accurate, and willing to put in the work to get his clients from a shoebox of paper receipts to an annual budget and use of secure cloud systems to monitor a business's finances. He is professional and amenable to open and frank discussions. He gives sound advice and shows true care for his work AND his clients.

He clearly has the mathematical mind that is needed for a job like this, having earned a Master's of Science degree in Chemistry. More than that, though, is his time as a researcher and quality control chemist at Los Alamos National Labs. Not only does that work require a deep intellect, it is a clear example of his abilities of tracking information correctly, keeping meticulous records, and being able to consider the big picture and extrapolate meaning from the data he's compiled. He can see the forest and the trees, too.

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Sendin's attention to detail - from data entry and reconciling the books to listening to his customer's needs to the way his approaches bookkeeping as way to help his clients meet their goals - makes him an obvious choice as a partner with Deer Heart Consulting. If you're ready to get your books in order and set up in a manner that will allow you to easily find ways to cut expenses, limit inventory loss, and develop accurate projections, then contact Sendin Bajrić.

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