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Consulting on Strategy, Admin & Marketing

Priced to Be Accessible to Small Businesses 

I work with business owners struggling to manage it all, entrepreneurs entering a new line of work, and professionals  who are looking in a new direction for their career. Support and guidance in building a solid foundation and learning how to overcome obstacles should not be limiting due to price.

I work with those who truly need the support and likely do not have the resources to pay the usual consultant rates of $75-$150 or more per hour. My rates are affordable and currently they're sliding-scale as we navigate the insanity of the pandemic.



We can negotiate a flat-fee for smaller, specific projects with a set timeline. This will be based on the scope of work and your budget.

The flat fee will equate to approximately $25 to $55 per hour. 


On-Going Support

If you decide you need on-going support, either at the start or following an individual project, we can negotiate monthly hours and the rate for retaining my services. 

Nothing is written in stone. I revisit contracts if there is any significant change in income and/or every three months.

Trade &

Partial Trade

If it is feasible, then I am happy to negotiate trade or partial trade for service.

If our agreement includes trade, the trade hours will be valued at a minimum of $65 per hour.

Isn't It Time 

To Leap Toward Your Goals?







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