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High-Level Strategy, Planing & Marketing

Priced to Be Accessible to Small Businesses


Flat Fee

My current COVID-19 Rate is in the range of $25 - $55 per hour. Paid in advance or on a schedule.

All new clients must start with an Envisioning Package. 

Currently priced $500 - $800.

Some of the work needs consistent involvement over time.

Minimum 5 hrs per week + access anytime for strategy-related questions & guidance for $750/mo.

On-Going Support

Monthly Retainer

Terms reviewed every 3 months

Or as needed.


If feasible for both of us, then trade for service can be included in our agreement.


My trade rate is $75/hr.

Trade rate is non-negotiable.

Trade &

Partial Trade

Market rate data was compiled from freelance sites such as Upwork and Thumbtack, national consulting firms, local consultants & freelancers, & business publications like Forbes.

Rate Comparisons

New Mexico's economy has been built from the hard work of small business owners like you. Nearly 96% of businesses here are small businesses. And a significant percentage of these were self-funded or lacked access to loans.

My rates are affordable and currently they're sliding-scale as we navigate the insanity of the pandemic.

Support and guidance in business should not be limiting due to price.

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