A Portfolio of My Work

Copywriting, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Event Planning, Branding, Concept Development, Strategic Planning, Systems Development, Forms, Newsletters, Blogs, and more.

Photography Exhibit Promotions

Over the course of many meet-ups and chats over coffee, photographer Daniel Quat and I developed  the concept for how he would introduce his series of intimate photos. The discussions were always very interesting but intense - trauma, #MeToo, transformation.

When we realized our chats had produced the concept that he felt comfortable with using, he asked me to write the short description for promoting a photo exhibit of the series. And then he asked me to interview the models and write/edit a photography book of the series that is in the works.

Writing an Art Description-Photographer
Writing an Art Description-Photographer

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This portfolio has a sampling of work I've done in many different areas. Much of my skillset is based around different types of writing. I am a content writer, copywriter, content strategist, communications specialist, publicist, grant writer, technical writer, creative writer, blogger, journalist, and author. I can write to inform and I can write to sell. I have successfully written appeal letters and procedure manuals,  contracts and product descriptions, advertising and business plans, SEO-driven web content and value propositions.

I also share examples of graphic design and website development. Most of the technical things I know are self-taught. When I want something done and I need to do it myself, then I find a way through research, trial and error, and a broad network. Thank god for perseverance, motivation, the internet, and talented friends! I do not consider myself a graphic design artist or website developer. I learned how to use the tools necessary to best deliver the messages I write. 

I did Content Writing, Project Planning and Graphic Design

Annual Report

I am the president of the board at Solace Crisis Treatment Center in Santa Fe. Short on development staff, I volunteered to design and write content for their Annual Report. There is a lot of data to share, and I needed to find a way to make it all fit without any particular piece of information getting lost. Previous designs were limited to gray and orange; I added color and graphics to help draw the eye across the page. And because I love color. It was a rush-job so there are errors.

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I did the Concept Development, Research & Writing

I had been wanting to write a kids' book. And then this project fell in my lap.

Initially it was going to be simple facts and clip-art. I turned it into valuable educational, engagement, and promotional tool for the Farmers' Market.

in collaboration with Spencer Olsen, Creative Director, Meow Wolf Las Vegas

You can download Volume 1 of the Farmers Market Kids' Activity Book which prints on 8.5x11 paper.

Multi-Age Kids' Activity Book

Book-Kids Activity Book-Content Writing-
Book-Kids Activity Book-Content Writing-
Book-Kids Activity Book-Content Writing-
Book-Kids Activity Book-Content Writing-
Book-Kids Activity Book-Content Writing-

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Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Website Overhaul

When this 12-year massage clinic was approved to take health insurance, the owner wanted to make website improvements. It turned into a new vision, the mission and values, and the philosophy at the heart of his work. I designed a new logo, and then we built a new website before embarking on a strategic planning process that included a SWOT analysis, new budget systems, evaluating and adjusting the service prices, creating branded forms, writing new contracts with therapists, new signage at the clinic, price sheets, business cards, and so much more.

For some insight into how I work: 

I wanted the logo to be a visual representation of the business. The owner was a DJ as well as a massage therapist. The idea of resonance was the root of his business philosophy, not just a name. So, I used a sound wave for the outer edge of the logo.

Visioning, Brand Development, Graphic Design, Website Development, Content Writing, and Copywriting
Massage Therapist Website Original (1).j
Massage Therapist Website Original (2).p
Massage Therapist Website Original (1).p
Resonance Massage and Bodywork in Santa
Logo, before
Logo, after
Website, before
Website, after
Signage, new
Gift Certificate Specialized Cards, new
Portfolio - Graphic Design Greeting Card
Portfolio - Graphic Design Greeting Card
Contract with Independent Therapists, new

Extensive research went into this contract template, based on the Department of Labor's recent changes to how they decide if a worker is an employee or independent contractor. So, I made it available to download for others to use.

Client Intake Form, updated
Massage Therapy Intake Form SOAP Notes.p

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I did Concept Development, Strategy, Research, Content Writing, Art Direction, & Evaluation

Nonprofit Program One-Sheets

These program one-sheets provide a quick yet complete overview of individual nonprofit programs, including need & statistics, how the program works, outcomes & testimonials, cost, and funders.

These required extensive research and strategy -  ultimately, a couple of years of fine-tuning how to describe the programs. I hired a graphic designer to do the final layout. Donors and foundations responded well to these. And my boss liked them so much she took credit for creating them - always a sign you did good work.

Info Graphics-Nonprofit and Programs Sna
Info Graphics-Nonprofit and Programs Sna
Info Graphics-Nonprofit and Programs Sna

from personal blog exploring mental health, 

Ik pim anukfila / Let us be mindful

from personal blog exploring mental health, 

Ik pim anukfila / Let us be mindful

from personal blog, United Against Racism NM

Blog Posts

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Contracts & Forms

This is a hodge-podge of different administrative tools I created. Each required research, strategy, and careful consideration in their development. I had to ensure they were clear, accurate, thorough, and user-friendly.​

I did Concept Development, Research, Content Writing, Copywriting, Graphic Design, On Brand Template Creation, etc.

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Event Planning & Promo Materials

I've planned, organized, and implemented events of all sizes - from chef-hosted lunches at a farm for 29 people to cocktail receptions for 50 to dinners and weddings for 250+ people. My events have included live auctions, silent auctions, video production and presentations, speeches, awards, passed and served food, activities & live entertainment, full production performances, and more. I have put on events in empty warehouses, private homes, museums, parks, the opera, and out in a field or on a farm. Many I was the lead staff. All of them required a team.

I either had direct oversight or was a team member helping with Event Design, Event Planning, & Event Implementation; For the food-centric events, I did Event Concept Development, Art Direction, Copywriting, Vendor Relations, Stage Manager, Event Promotions & Marketing, Speech Writing, and more