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Pete Gurulé

Small Business Owner, Connector

Pete Gurulé

Small Business Owner
Connector & Networker

Pete Gurulé has been running his small business for at least 13 years. As is common with entrepreneurs, he works non-stop to keep his business thriving, and he has done an amazing job at it. Besides his skill at the service he provides, he is a masterful networker. People respond to his friendly demeanor, drive, authenticity, and care. He is constantly showing me the different ways that a network is a valuable asset and showing me how he makes connections so easily. And, when I see people show up for him in every way, I am reminded that there is potential for collaboration with every person you meet.

You can see this in the partnership between he and I. We work in different fields, but we have found a strong way to form a lucrative partnership. We listen, we learn, and we do for one another. He is a friend I can vent to and or brainstorm ideas with; We teach other tricks to make our work easier; And, we do what we can to help each other when it's needed - we know neither of us will ever do this alone. 

I advise all business owners to develop an on-going professional relationship with someone you trust, who has different skills and experiences, and who believes in reciprocity. It is invaluable.

For my clients struggling with networking: 

Pete has generously offered to talk with you about ways you might improve your networking and how to build a network of professional contacts. (Tip: Whenever an offer such as this comes your way, take it. It's an easy way to start building that network.) Email him!







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