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Gabriella Marks


Gabriella is masterful in her composition, whether it is staged or spontaneous. This make her photos useful in every application – whether print materials, videos, social media, advertising, or websites. It also makes the photos exponentially more effective as marketing tools. Her composition and use of lighting are why Gabriella can capture photos that turn a seemingly mundane subject into art. She makes things look their best (or even better than you have ever seen them before.)

In addition to her skill, Gabriella is also a true professional. She knows how to listen to the her clients, she builds lasting relationships, and she has a solid network in this community. She is patient, flexible, reliable, and affordable. And, she is grounded, supportive, and has a generous and kind spirit. 

Gabriella Marks specializes in food, farm, lifestyle, and portrait photography. We have worked together since 2015 on event photography, creating a stockpile of images to use in graphic design and promotional pieces, and an annual series of video/photos featuring three local farmers. These quickly became my three favorite work days of the year, in large part because Gabriella is so great to work with. 

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With her all-around awesomeness, it is not surprising that Gabriella was elected to be the Treasurer on the National Board of Directors of the American Society of Media Photographers. ASMP is the premier trade association for the world’s most respected photographers. They provide education in better business practices, connect clients and photographers, and so much more. ​







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