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Brooke Gilder

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Brooke Gilder

Grant Writer
Communications Consultant

Brooke Gilder is a nonprofit consultant whose work centers on grant writing, fundraising and communications. She has helped leadership at Santa Fe nonprofits develop funding strategies, research grant opportunities, writing grant proposals, campaign and appeal creation, events, and trainings. Brooke and I first worked together as board members of Solace Rape Crisis & Trauma Treatment Center. She was the chair of the Development Committee and was the catalyst for the organization to once again focus on philanthropy as a revenue source.

Her B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Social Work have both contributed to her excellent fundraising skills. She knows how to listen in order to learn and understand. She can figure out what people will respond to - what they need to hear - in order to grab their attention and get their buy-in. This skill is vital in writing grants. She can communicate what you do with authenticity while also meeting the grant requirements and highlighting to the funder that your program is a match for their funding priorities. 

Brooke also knows the reality of what it takes to run a nonprofit - from doing the work in programs to talking with major donors. So her proposals are realistic, taking into account the work and resources required to accomplish the initiative. She is another partner who can see both the forest and the trees.

Brooke is friendly, down to earth, deeply compassionate, and highly skilled. I'm grateful for the opportunities that allow us to partner.

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Strategic Mind-set

Creative & Analytical

Thorough & Clear

Listens to Client

Centers Her Writing on Your Vision

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