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I am Scottish and Choctaw. My given Choctaw name is Issi Chunkash - which means Deer Heart. The deer has spiritual and economic significance in both cultures. For the Choctaw, the deer signifies compassion. Both the Choctaw and Scottish see the deer as a reminder of cyclical patterns, regeneration, resilience, restoration, healing, growth, and guidance. 

Our work is one aspect of who we are. It can be an expression of our values and it can link our spiritual and economic realities. My intent with my work is to use compassion and skill to help individuals and small business owners find resiliency, overcome the struggles they face in their business or career, restore their passion for their work, recover from past troubles, and guide them into ways of management that will help their personal and professional growth. 

Why the name "Deer Heart"


Business Consultant, Creative Strategist, Intentional Writer

Alexis Brown

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My business consulting is comprehensive. You'll get more than advice, because I am a writer, researcher and strategist who can see both the forest AND the trees.

I have over 20 years of experience working in support of artists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. I've done this as a Director of Development & Communications, a volunteer, a board member, and purely to support my friends and colleagues. That work required I develop a wide range of skills so that I could get the job done well, on time, & under budget. 


I was born and raised in Santa Fe. I chose to stay because of my love for the land and the people here. I love how place influences who we are and I thrive when people share their story with me.

I studied music for 20 years, on multiple instruments and in a range of styles from Baroque to Jazz. This enhanced my ability to plan, make decisions, process multiple things at once, and develop solutions to complex problems. It is through music that I learned patience, perseverance, abstract reasoning, creativity, and self discipline. 

My entire life I have loved to read, research, and write. I’ve maintained youthful curiosity and a love of learning well into adulthood. I earned a B.A. in Liberal Arts and an M.A. in Eastern Classics from St. John's College. My studies taught me to think critically, analytically, and creatively, to speak and write clearly, and to truly listen to others.

I was taught to seek out mentors and I have been blessed with many from all walks of life. Lessons I've learned are that I can't know everything, I can always strive to better, and nothing is ever perfect. If I know what I want done and I don't know how to do it myself, then either find someone to do it or find someone to teach me. Don't just settle for mediocrity but also don't fixate on achieving perfection. 







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