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Consulting & Hands-On Support for Small Business & Professionals

I Listen. I Learn. I Do.

So you can build a strong foundation & learn the skills necessary for long-lasting success.

I am a writer, researcher and strategist who can see both the forest AND the trees. More than advice, my consulting is comprehensive. My thoughtful research-backed guidance and my hands-on administrative support and marketing imbues your business with resilience and growth. 

This community is filled with professionals and small business owners who work hard to provide quality service. You've done it by yourself, bootstrapping as you built your private practice or small business. You've had to learn while doing and you're likely overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done (and maybe even missing a few essential pieces.) You've struggled but never even thought that a consultant was a feasible option for your business or budget.

It's time you got the support you need. 


I want my community to thrive, because when more of us succeed, we all benefit. So, I'm sharing what I have learned from my 20+ years of work in development and communications and at rates that are sliding-scale and lower than what you find at consulting firms. And, unlike the government and nonprofit business development agencies that give business advice, I get my hands dirty and help get the work done. 








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Envision & Clarify

It all starts with finding clarity in your vision and reconnecting with your passion and intent.

Listen & Learn

Once I learn the basics about your work and  challenges you face, I develop questions for a casual interview where you can share about what brought you to this point, where you want to go, and what is holding you back. I also use this interview to begin to unpack the logistics of how you run your business to see what immediate gaps or deficiencies there may be.

The next step may be time for you to do self-reflection, mind-mapping, or seeking other perspectives. We could jump to Step 2, or we may need to spend time on creating or refining your brand.

Brand Voice

  • Writing a mission statement

  • Crafting a vision statement

  • Developing business values that reflect personal values

  • Writing a tagline / value proposition

  • Writing bios, history, descriptions about the business and your approach, FAQs, etc which can be used for business plans, pitches, websites, etc.

Brand Visuals

  • Create a color a palette appropriate for your line of work, will work in print and digital, and which call upon the color of psychology

  • Select fonts that work for your brand voice 

  • Create a logo (myself or with a graphic designer)


Goals & Strategy

I take what was learned and developed in order to create smart goals and the plans that will help you achieve them.

Identify Obstacles

We begin to Identify obstacles and hone in on the root cause through self evaluation, examining operations, SWOT Analysis, and secondary market research on your industry, competitors, and current trends.

I help you view the situation from different perspectives so they can see any potential silver lining and viable options for how to overcome the roadblock - even if the root cause is a limiting belief within your own thinking.

Streamline Systems

I evaluate and streamline the systems, policies, procedures, software and other tools used to operate your business. This is so your work is more efficient, outcomes are more effective, loss is minimized, and revenue can be increased.

Examples of what I will look at include accounting and administration, inventory, purchasing, pricing, salary structure, customer pipeline, internal communications, missed opportunities, duplication of work, and more

I will do extensive, in-depth research into best practices and available options. You will then be able to choose so you can choose from the best professional option, multiple affordable professional options, or creating something in-house with Microsoft Office, Google Suite, or Airtable databases.


I write compelling and memorable language that can be used or adjusted for any form of marketing. 


I create comprehensive marketing plans which can include: 

  • Secondary Market Research on customers

  • Detailed website evaluation, website design and intermediate level website development 

  • SEO research and improvements

  • Press releases and media relations

  • Print, digital, and radio advertising

  • Print and digital marketing materials

  • Pitch decks, Case for Support, Business Plans, Proposals, etc

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others)

  • Blogs and newsletters

  • and more


Hands-On Support

This process requires work and commitment from both of, so that, together, we can get the work done & you will be prepared for long-term success

Alexis Brown Deer Heart Consulting Santa

But none of this can before we have our initial Discovery Chat! A free 1 -3 hour conversation where we learn about each other and I might offer some initial advice or guidance.

Real Work

I don’t just advise. I provide the actual support you need to make the necessary changes and implement the plans. I provide training so you can learn WHY this work is important and HOW to manage it long after I am gone. This is all about creating a solid foundation to sustain you and help you achieve your goals. I want to empower you and help enable long-lasting change.







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