Are you thinking it's time to work for yourself? Get out from under the 9-5 grind and have more control over your work and schedule? Do you want to start a business so you can work in your passion or in a field you excel in? Dees your good work go unrecognized and it's time for you to be your own boss?


It always seems like that is how it will be when you start your own business. But most people lack the experience and tools to make that idea a reality, because owning a business is much more than the product or service you provide. You quickly find that you have become beholden to the business, working excessively long hours, not getting paid, with a task list a mile long, and it seems like every customer and vendor is your boss!

With a clear vision, strong plans, & efficient systems, we can make the work-life you envision a reality!

I want my community to thrive, because when more of us succeed, we all benefit. I want to give you the skills I've picked up from my 20+ years working in development and communications, and at rates that are sliding-scale and lower than what you find at many consulting firms. And, since part of the problem is there's not enough time to get it all done by yourself, I don't just give business advice - I get my hands dirty and help get the work done. 

I am a writer, researcher and strategist who can see both the forest AND the trees. More than advice, my consulting is comprehensive. My thoughtful research-backed guidance and my hands-on administrative support and marketing imbues you with resilience and motivation for continued growth. 

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The Four Directions


The key components to how I help you develop the plan of action tailored to your vision, the obstacles you face, and the needs of your customers.

Listen & Learn

I start by learning the basics about your work, your interests, the challenges you face, and the direction you are considering for starting a business. I develop questions for a casual interview where you can share about what brought you to this point, where you want to go, and what is holding you back. 

The next step may be time for you to do self-reflection, mind-mapping, or seeking other perspectives. 

Mission, Vision, Values

As the ideas about what you want to do begin to coalesce, we start with the foundational elements of a business: writing a mission statement. crafting a vision statement and developing business values that reflect personal values.


Too often business is treated separately from our lives. But our work is an extension of who we are. Our work should support the values and vision we have for our whole lives.


Once you have ​have clarity in your vision, I help you figure out what it will take to achieve that goal. This is the precursor to the next step of developing Goals & Strategy. You might need additional professional development or schooling. You might need special licensing and certifications. You might want to find a mentor in that field or gain more work experience.

Once you have a clear vision about what you want to do, we could progress to the next steps of setting up your new business with a strong foundation in all of the fundamental areas involved in running a business. 

To learn more about this stage, visit my page for business owners.


Creative Ideas & Solid Plans for Small Business Start Ups

I Listen. I Learn. I Do.

So you can build a strong foundation & learn the skills necessary for long-lasting success.

"Alexis has helped me clarify who I want to be as a business owner. During this process, Alexis has listened to my fear and the jumbled thoughts without judgement. I have been guided by her to bring these thoughts into a coherent and actionable plan; not just for the business, but for me; in a variety of areas of my life.  I know once the transition is complete, Alexis will be there to guide me in how to best serve my clients as a business owner and help to put systems in place so I can run the business as mine.
Hands down, the most valuable piece of her process is Alexis’ ability to guide, but never impose herself over her client’s needs."

Investment Advisor

Mona Malec


Vision is what underlies everything, starting with mission & vision statements, values, and S.M.A.R.T. goals.


Reflect on where you came from, what worked & what didn't, & the current situation to create effective solutions.


See what's going on in your industry, scope out what your competition is up to, & know who your customers are. 


To develop the approach you will take to reach your goals, I analyze data, make connections, use creative problem solving, & create opportunities. So you can make the best choices for your business.

My Gear


These are examples of the tools & tactics I use to build and implement your strategic plan.

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