Consulting & Hands-On Support for Small Business Owners

I Listen. I Learn. I Do.

So you can build a strong foundation & learn the skills necessary for long-lasting success.

You've built your business by yourself, bootstrapping and learning as you do it. You're likely overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. 

It's time you got the support you need. 

Or keep reading for more info about how it works.

I listen and learn all I can about you and your business so I can be clear about your personal and professional goals. I find where there are gaps and I seek out the root cause to obstacles. Then I find opportunities and creative solutions to map out your plan. I use your vision and values to write the content that will connect with customers. And I show you why and how it all happens so you can reap the benefits throughout the life of your business.  

You'll have new perspectives, fresh ideas, and solid support. We work as a team - with transparency, trust, and a commitment to the process. This is how you build a solid foundation and forge a clear path to sustainability and larger profits.

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Listen & Learn

After your free exploratory chat, where I learn the basics, I do an intensive interview to learn the details - about you, the business, the problems, and the hopes for the future. This becomes the source for your content and it drives your strategic plan.

Brand Voice

  • Mission statement

  • Vision statement

  • Business values that reflect personal values

  • Tagline / Value Proposition

  • Writing bios, history, descriptions about the business and your approach, FAQs, etc which can be used for business plans, pitches, websites, etc.

Brand Visuals

  • Color palette 

  • Fonts

  • Logo (either we create it or we hire a graphic designer)

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Goals & Strategy

Identify Obstacles

To identify the obstacles we may need to do self reflection, evaluate the systems, software, and process for how the work gets done, and research your competitors. We will identify your strengths, advantages, and areas that need improvement. I will do secondary market research on your industry, competitors, and current trends so we know exactly who your customers are and where to find them. 

Streamline Systems

Evaluating how you do things now will show me where we can make things more efficient. I research to find best practices and find the resources you need so your work is easier and more efficient. 

I can look for ways to streamline your:

  • accounting

  • administration

  • inventory & purchasing

  • pricing

  • salary structure

  • customer pipeline

  • customer experience

  • manuals, forms, and contracts

  • internal communications

  • missed opportunities

  • duplication of work

  • and more

Objectives & Approach 

One of the most valuable aspects of a well-researched, creative, and thoughtful plan is being prepared for inevitable change. It helps you become resilient and adaptable.

We use your vision, your goals, and my creative approach to build a plan that is feasible and effective.  


We chart the course to what you want to achieve. And I help figure out all the steps and tools it will take to do it. 

I won't tell you what path to take. I will show you the right questions to ask and where to find the information you need so that you can make the best choice for yourself. And together, we get it done.


Marketing is one of the final steps in a strategic plan. It is also one of the most complex and detailed parts of your plan.

I use your vision, voice, and values to write content that is authentic. Authenticity is what makes your business memorable. It is how customers can connect with you. 

Your Marketing Plan may include:

  • Additional Market Research

  • Customer profiles 

  • Website evaluation

  • Intermediate website design and website creation or referral to local web developers

  • SEO research and improvements

  • Press releases and media relations

  • Print, digital, and radio advertising

  • Print and digital marketing materials

  • Pitch decks, Case for Support, Business Plans, Proposals, etc

  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others)

  • Blogs and newsletters

  • and more

Pete Gurule

"I’ve only started my journey with the expansion and growth of my massage clinic with Alexis and the results are already clear and measurable. I rest easy knowing that I’ve found the best business consultant I could have ever hoped for."

owner & lead massage therapist

Jill Sutherland McKenna

"Alexis was an incredible asset to our team. Eloquent, problem solving, innovative, and compassionate. She brought organization and insights that took our project to the next level. She is a catalyst for positive change."

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Project Jill Suth

photographer & artist

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