Vision, evaluation, strategy, and action are the foundation of this work. These make up your compass - keeping you on track for lasting success. Clarity of vision, analysis of prior activities, an overarching strategy, and an adaptable action plan give you direction, motivation and a means of accountability. It's why I tailor my scope of work to each business owner and your unique needs.

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The Services I Provide

You may be looking to adjust your marketing approach, get your financials in order, or tackle that task list that never seems to get any shorter. Strategy isn't at the top of your list of needs, but you do want fresh ideas and you need help getting it all done.

I bring creative ideas and over 20 years of experience to help you grow your customer base, increase your profit margin, and save time with efficiency and intention.


Adjust messaging & approach to match audience


Mission & Vision 

Authentic language reflecting your hopes & values

Business Plans & Pitches

Adjust the language & approach so you get funded


Procedure Manuals, Employee Handbooks, How-To Guides, Forms, Brochures & more


First drafts of Contracts, Late Payment Letters, Bylaws, etc.

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Improve your efficiency, accountability & profitability

Database Development 

Track customer engagement, Vendor agreements, Inventory, Staff Schedules, etc.

Task Management 

Improve productivity with a system tailored to you



Budget Templates & Forecasts; Finding the right Tool, Software or Person; Pricing & Pay Schedules that account for direct & hidden costs & are fair & competitive, etc.

Customer Experience

User friendly, minimum effort

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Build strong relationships within each constituency

Build Trust

Validate, listen to understand, & show sincere appreciation to team, customers, & vendors 


Improve outcomes & morale by seeking opinions from all staff, customers, colleagues, etc.


Reconnect with passion, overcome limiting beliefs, & see silver-linings



Release fear & improve ability to adapt to struggles & change

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Authentic Voice

Develop Brand, Connect with Creatives, Art Direction, & Graphic Design

Compelling & memorable content to grow audience

Targeted Messages

Customer Profiles to know who to target, where to reach them, & what to say

Website & SEO

Design, Content, Build, & SEO Management so the right people show up to a user-friendly site


Social Media, Ads & PR

Expand your exposure with adapted messaging

To help entrepreneurs & microbusinesses overcome the odds & achieve long-term success by equipping them with new ideas, tools & skills & providing hands-on support in implementing necessary changes.

My Mission

Artists & Entrepreneurs from Creative Industries

Working Class & So-Called "Blue-Collar" Businesses


Service Industry & Those Providing Valuable Services

Businesses Owned By Marginalized Groups

Start Ups That Lack Capital / Are Self-Funded

Who I Serve

The main reasons businesses fail:

Financial Hurdles

Inadequate Management 

Lack of Planning

 Ineffective Marketing

My work is varied & personalized, but I always use:

Creative Problem-Solving

Authentic Storytelling

In-Depth Research

Hands-On Implementation

What I Do

My Approach

The Gear for the Journey

The Four Directions

Together, using reflection, research, and evaluation, we thoughtfully design your strategy, systems, and presentation. With time and practice, every aspect of running your business will be an authentic expression of your values and vision.


I am a strategist and writer with a background in finding opportunities, getting things done, and effectively communicating to the right people at the right time.

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Vision underlies everything with your business. It is born from personal experiences, values, and limiting beliefs. It requires a growth mindset, drive, and an understanding that we may never reach our ultimate goal.


Evaluation Deer Heart Consulting

Whether something is deemed a success or failure, we must try to find out all we can about what contributed to the outcome. We must look at how we do things, ask questions, show gratitude, not be afraid of change, and seek out diverse perspectives.


Strategy Deer Heart Consulting icon.png

Strategy is a pattern of behaviors and how we make decisions. It reveals opportunities and silver linings. It requires clear vision, analytical and creative thinking, research, consideration of resources, imagined possibilities and a release of fear.


Strategic Actiojn Plan Deer Heart Consul

All of this prep work needs to be put into action. We map the path to our goal, choosing stops along the way to review and adjust the course. We decide which tools to use, how we want to use them, and who's responsible for them.  


Deer Photo by Scott Carroll on Unsplash.

"Alexis was an incredible asset to our team. Eloquent, problem solving, innovative, and compassionate. She brought organization and insights that took our project to the next level. She is a catalyst for positive change.

Installation Artist, Photographer

Jill Sutherland McKenna


Woodworker, Artist

Founder, sixOsix

"Working with Deer Heart Consulting gave me the insight and direction I needed in starting my business. Alexis encouraged me to think 'big picture' and helped me identify and hone the tools I needed to create a sustainable creative profession.

Alexis has the passion and the experience to help you create goals and work towards the benchmarks without losing sight of the original intent. Deer Heart Consulting has been integral to my successful creative business venture.

I sleep easier knowing I have her support."

Juan Suarez

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