Develop a plan that will guide you to success

My Approach to Small Business Planning

What it takes

Ready to take on the task

I am a strategist and writer with a background in finding opportunities, getting things done, and effectively communicating with the right people at the right time. I help businesses develop their business plans - both the written document and the strategies and actions for the parts that make up those plans. I bring creative ideas and over 20 years of experience to help you grow your customer base, increase your profit margin, and save time with efficiency and intention.



Guiding Concepts


Vision, evaluation, strategy, and action are the foundation of this work. These make up your compass - keeping you on track for lasting success. Clarity of vision, analysis of prior activities, an overarching strategy, and an adaptable action plan give you direction, motivation, and a means of accountability. It's why I tailor my scope of work to each business owner and your unique needs.


What do you want for yourself? How can your business help you get that?

What are your motivations?

What limiting beliefs might you have & how can your vision change if you move beyond them?




Research and evaluation are vital to a strong plan.

What do you well & what needs improvement?

What are current market conditions?

What can you learn by examining the work of competitors?



Strategy is a pattern of behaviors and how we make decisions.

It reveals opportunities and silver linings because it relies on:

clear vision

analytical & creative thinking

consideration of resources

imagined possibilities and a release of fear.


All of this prep work needs to be put into action.

Map a path to your goal

Choose stops along the way to review & adjust the course.

Be prepared when you encounter roadblocks.

Decide which tools to use, how you want to use them, & who's responsible for them.  

Juan Suarez_edited

Juan Suarez

"Working with Deer Heart Consulting gave me the insight and direction I needed in starting my business. Alexis encouraged me to think 'big picture' and helped me identify and hone the tools I needed to create a sustainable creative profession.

Alexis has the passion and the experience to help you create goals and work towards the benchmarks without losing sight of the original intent. Deer Heart Consulting has been integral to my successful creative business venture."