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Clothing Designer

The clothes are wearable art. Intention and care are revealed in every stich and skill is seen in every cut. They show a gentle sensuality while emanating strength. Made in earth tones and steel grays that seem to have been softened by the sun. There is draping and there is structure, each revealing a different subtle secret of the body it covers. These clothes bring out an appearance of casual comfort but whose textures, weight, and dyes reveal true luxury. It is the clothing of urban warriors whose hearts are at play in forests and sun-lit fields. It is the clothing worn by those with creative minds and wide-open hearts that have chosen to step far outside of the capitalist-driven rules of conformity. Choose to live freely, create passionately, love openly – and look fucking amazing while doing it.


Clade is a name that has become familiar to many. But it is just a name. What matters is the quality craftsmanship and unique aesthetic born from effort and love. 


Whether the design is custom made, Clade Man, Clade Woman, or UNCOMMON THRDS, you can see that it is the work of someone who rides ahead of the pack, who has forged their own path. Cityscapes and fields of flowers, attention to detail and broad scope of vision, power and beauty. 


It is Designer Maya Reynolds, and she is living artfully, creating artisanal garments in the heart of historic downtown Los Angeles.

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