Business plan - two words you might cringe to think about. They're overwhelming. Even with the many resources available on-line, it can be difficult to know where or how to start. And besides - you're too busy doing the work! 


But, the fact is - every business needs a business plan.


Alexis Brown of Deer Heart Consulting is a business consultant in Santa Fe and Taos, working with small businesses across the country. Together, we use creative strategy, research, and analysis to develop a detailed business plan.


A thoughtful business plan - whether 2 pages or 25 pages - will help you:

Deer Heart Consulting will help your business achieve success.

  • Secure that business loan you've been wanting

  • Grow your customer base with a strong branding, a detailed marketing plan & authentic messaging

  • Identify any roadblocks & areas that need improvement 

  • Set goals & create realistic plans for achieving them

  • Have a detailed budget forecast & know how to use it to your advantage

  • Expand your network & find opportunities

  • Respark your passion 

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"Alexis Brown is a PR magician.

Once she took over our press and promotional duties, our profile, and recognition as an arts organization increased tenfold. We began to get much more national and international press and acknowledgment.


She is a wordsmith and a research machine. She discovered leading organizations and publications, seduced them with her beautifully written press releases, and the accolades began to flow. Alexis is a unique asset to all who work with her."



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With Deer Heart Consulting, you'll find clarity in your vision, develop a creative strategy, & have a clear plan of action.

Whether you're a start-up business, an entrepreneur, or a seasoned veteran - business planning can have you feeling lost in the woods.