Comprehensive Business Development for Small Businesses

Whether you're an entrepreneur, nonprofit agency, start-up business, or a seasoned veteran - business planning can make us feel lost in the woods. 

Alexis Brown of Deer Heart Consulting will help you with business development, strategizing, and planning so you have a clear path forward and the tools you need to meet your goals.


Clarity of Vision & Creative Strategy

Refine Mission, Vision & Values

Determine Goals

Explore Opportunities 

Develop Strategy


Reasonable Plans
of Action

Business Objectives

Action Plans

Benchmarks & Key Performance Indicators

Determine Resource Needs

Creating Tools for Success

Efficient Systems

Clear Policies & Procedures

Cohesive Branding

Network of Partners

Compelling Messaging


For the Audience

The format of the final deliverable will be decided by the intended audience & the desired outcome. Examples of various business plans I have written include:

- Business Plan
- Pitch Deck
- Media Kit & Press Releases 
- Podcast Pitch
- SEO Strategy
- Guidelines & Training Toolkit
- Employee Handbook & Operations Manual
- Customer Profiles & Marketing Plan
- 3- and 5-Year Budget Forecasts
- and more

Heavy Lifting...

My involvement at this stage is determined by your needs & budget. On one end of the spectrum, you can let me do the "heavy lifting"  so you can focus on other priorities. If we do a traditional Business Plan, for example, the deliverable will include:

- Detailed, realistic budget forecasts
- In-depth research & analysis of industry, audience, & competitors
- Pricing & Marketing Strategy
- Setting the framework for your company culture based on your vision & values
 - & so much more. 

....Or Gentle Guidance

You may not need or have the funds for that level of support. At this end of the spectrum, I support your writing of the plan by:

- Guiding & prioritizing your efforts
- Providing templates & resources
- Continued strategizing
- Helping you prevent common mistakes
- Identifying potential obstacles & brainstorming ways to avoid or recover from them
- Seeking & incorporating outside perspectives
- Editing & providing feedback on the final document


Pete Gurule (d), Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist (d.)

Pete Gurule

"With Alexis at my side, I am more comfortable than ever - knowing I’ve got someone on my team who will guide me through the woods where sometimes unexpected challenges arise and also surprising joys and ownership experiences.  Because of Alexis, my business is taking an entirely new shape and my vision is more clear than ever.  I’m less overwhelmed by the details and minutia that go into growing into a full-fledged practice. I have only started my journey of expansion and growth of my clinic with Alexis and the results are already clear and measurable.  Her work is refining the optics of my business both online and in-person.  I’m more confident than ever when I talk to people about what I do and that I’m a business owner.  I rest easy knowing that I’ve found the best business consultant I could have ever hoped for."  
CIRCLE-OF-DOORS-TAROT-circleofdoorstarot-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (1)_edited


Jill Sutherland - Circle of Doors Tarot Project

"Alexis was an incredible asset to our team. Eloquent, problem-solving, innovative, and compassionate. She brought organization and insights that took our project to the next level.
She is a catalyst for positive change."

Financial Advisor

Mona Malec

"Alexis has listened to my fears without judgment. I have been guided by her to bring these thoughts into a coherent and actionable plan; not just for the business, but for me; in a variety of areas of my life.   
Hands down, the most valuable piece of her process is Alexis' ability to guide, but never impose herself over her client's needs."

Carlos Sanistevan High Mayhem Emerging Arts_edited


Carlos Sanistevan, High Mayhem Emerging Arts

"Alexis Brown is a PR magician.
Once she took over our press and promotional duties, our profile, and recognition as an arts organization increased tenfold. We began to get much more national and international press and acknowledgment.
She is a wordsmith and a research machine. She discovered leading organizations and publications, seduced them with her beautifully written press releases, and the accolades began to flow. Alexis is a unique asset to all who work with her."