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Need some guidance as you navigate owning a small business?

Are you in unfamiliar territory and feeling overwhelmed?

helping small business owners with funda

Has a new opportunity come up but you aren't sure which path to take?

Are you facing obstacles and struggling to overcome them?

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Save Time & Money

with Efficient Systems

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Grow Your Client Base

& Increase Profit





Get your business where you want it to be

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Envision Possibilities without Limitations

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Overcome Obstacles

with Creative Solutions

Deer Heart Consulting will help you find a clear path forward.


Whether you are just starting up or you have many years under your belt, I help small business owners strengthen the fundamental aspects of running your business so you can achieve lasting success.

My guidance and hands-on support is backed by over 20 years of experience in fundraising, development, branding & marketing, research & strategy, and forging long-lasting business relationships. My experience, knowledge, and skill will help you:

replace obstacles with opportunities

ensure your systems are efficient & effective

grow your customer base & strengthen relationships

so you can increase profits & achieve your goals

Strategic planning is more than a buzzword said by guys in suits. Every kind of business - from mechanics to massage therapists to artists - can achieve lasting success when you learn how to be strategic with every choice you make and by making educated choices in how you choose to operate. 


Musician, Sound Engineer

"Alexis Brown is a PR magician. Once she took over our press and promotional duties, our profile and recognition as an arts organization increased tenfold. We began to get much more national and international press and acknowledgement. She is a wordsmith and a research machine. She discovered leading organizations and publications, seduced them with her beautifully written press releases, and the accolades began to flow. Alexis is a unique asset to all who work with her."

Carlos Santistevan